Deerwood Country Club is home to one of the most beautiful golf courses in North Florida. The club’s 900-acre, walkable course and long list of top notch amenities makes it a popular site for events and tournaments of all sizes. On episode three of the On The Green podcast, we spoke with Tim Cooper, head professional at the Deerwood Country Club, to get the inside scoop on this prestigious North Florida club. Here are a few things he said about Deerwood Country Club that you may not know.

It’s an equity membership club

Deerwood Country Club is an equity membership club, which means it’s owned by the members. In 1999, members purchased the club from Gate Petroleum. Now, anyone who has an equity membership has the option of voting and serving on the board of governors.
There aren’t many other clubs in the country set up like this, making Deerwood Country Club a trailblazer for other clubs considering switching to equity memberships.

There’s a connection to Augusta National’s Par-3 course

Deerwood’s course was designed by George Cobb, a name that may sound familiar if you’re familiar with Augusta National’s Par-3 course. That’s because Cobb designed BOTH courses! To pay homage to the connection, the Deerwood Country Club hosts the annual Cobb Classic – a pseudo Par-3 contest that mimics the yardages of Augusta National’s famous Par-3 course as closely as possible.

Although known for golf, it’s home to a historic moment in tennis

In 1972, Jimmy Connors won his first professional victory at Deerwood Country Club during the Jacksonville Invitational Tournament. At the club, you can see a picture of Connors accepting his $3,000 check – which was quite a prize in the early 70s!

Want to learn more about the Deerwood Country Club? Listen to the full podcast episode to learn more about the club’s history, amenities, and most of all, why it would make an excellent location for your next golf tournament.